• $24.00

    doTerra Aroma Touch 5ml

    As a vital part of the doTERRA AromaTouch Technique, doTERRA’s proprietary massage blend, AromaTouch provides comforting and relaxing effects, by combining essential oils that add important benefits to a massage.

  • $32.00

    doTerra Balance 15ml

    doTERRA’s grounding blend, appropriately named doTERRA Balance, promotes tranquility while bringing harmony to the mind and body, and balance to the emotions.

  • $35.00

    doTerra Black Pepper 5ml

    With noteworthy topical and internal benefits, Black Pepper essential oil can be used to add spice and sharpness when cooking, or to ward off seasonal and environmental threats.

  • $23.00

    doTerra Cedarwood 15ml

    With properties that help to soothe the mind and body, the warm, woody scent of Cedarwood essential oil promotes a relaxing environment when used topically or aromatically.

  • $25.00

    doTerra Citrus Bliss 15ml

    Merging the major benefits of citrus essential oils, Citrus Bliss Invigorating Blend holds energizing and refreshing properties that can uplift mood and reduce stress.

  • $24.00

    doTerra Clove 15ml

    Known for its ability to cleanse teeth and gums, Clove essential oil is also a stimulating and energizing oil that produces a warm, woody aroma.

  • $25.00

    doTerra Coconut Oil 3.8oz

    Fractionated Coconut Oil is an absorbent and light carrier oil that will help to increase essential oil distribution while leaving skin feeling smooth and soft.

  • $48.00

    doTerra Deep Blue 5ml

    Formulated to soothe and cool, doTERRA Deep Blue is an enriched blend of oils perfect for a massage after a long day or an intense workout.

  • $22.00

    doTerra Digest Zen 5ml

    DigestZen is a wonderful companion to aid in the digestion of food, soothe occasional upset stomachs, and reduce uncomfortable gas and bloating.