Arctic Chaga Tea | 30pk

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Best-selling Chaga products! Made from wild Chaga harvested from the remote interiors of Alaska near the Arctic Circle.

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How to best prepare chaga tea

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While it is an edible mushroom, it is not typically ingested like culinary mushrooms due to its tough cork-like texture. Most people, however, enjoy the rich taste of chaga tea as it has a pleasantly sweet, earthy and slightly vanilla-like flavor due to its vanillic acid content. Although raw powder or tea bags can be simply infused into hot water, for highest health-enhancing effects it is best to do larger simmering times, believed to produce a stronger decoction and release more beneficial myconutrients, like triterpenes and beta-glucan polysaccharides.

Why Chaga?

Regular use of adaptogens, like chaga, are proposed to improve the body’s ability to build resistance to stress, trauma, anxiety and fatigue as well as environmental pollutants we are all invariably exposed to in our daily lives. In this sometimes overwhelming fast-paced modern world, we feel that dietary adaptogens can be extremely important therapeutic superfood allies for maintaining long-term health over the course of a lifetime.

They are often called “biological response modifiers” (BRMs) because of their potential ability to “modify” biological immunity either by increasing or suppressing immune response, depending on what is most needed by the organism.

The best types of chaga to consume for highest benefits are WILD varieties that have matured to at least 15 years or older. This is because the apoptogenic compounds slowly build up potency and are developed through seasonal exposure to extremely cold temperatures.