Vitamin C and Zinc Gum-Pear Bellini-Taurigum


Pear Bellini Vitamin Gum

Take your vitamins the tasty way with our pear-flavored vitamin C and zinc chewing gum! Fill your mouth with delicious flavors and delight in the soothing effects of these powerful vitamins as they boost your immune system and power you on throughout the day. A regular dose of this vitamin gum helps support a healthy immune system, keeps you well, and strengthens your body and mind. If you travel often, take these with you! Support your health on the go with our immune-boosting gum packs.

Do you get sick a lot, or do you simply want to be proactive about your health? With Tauri-Gum, you can have the best of both worlds with a fantastic taste and powerful essential vitamins. Try vitamin C and zinc for your immune system, flavored with delicious natural pear bellini!