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Yes. We carry THC, CBD & 1:1 various products.

All refunds or exchanges of unopened products must be made within 5 days of the original purchase (excludes THC purchases). Defective items in opened packaging may be exchanged for the identical title only, within 5 days of purchase (excludes THC purchases). MUST have sales receipt and all packaging materials for all returns.

All THC purchases are final. No returns, exchanges, or credit is given. NO EXCEPTIONS.

To get the process started visit our store or call us at (907) 250-5453 to pay the consultation fee ($275.00) and a copy of your valid government issued photo ID (ID card, License, Passport…).

Yes, we accept credit card payments over the phone. We also accept money orders mailed in (the process will not begin until payment and copy of ID is provided).

The physician will contact you after receiving your contact information. Consultations are ONLY TELEPHONICALLY, we do not schedule appointments, and the physician does not require or need outside supporting medical documents. Insurance is not accepted.

Physician documents will be delivered to our store after consultation and prepared for pick up; we can mail documents if needed. You will send the application, physician statement, and a copy of your ID we provide to the state of Alaska. You will need to include a $25 money order, cashier’s check, or check made out to Vital Statistics. 

We do not know the length of time for processing of applications or where at in the process your application lies. While you wait for your official card to arrive, the copy of your physicians statement will suffice for documented proof in the meantime.

Every year. We recommend seeing the doctor 60 days prior to your card’s expiration so there is no lapse in legal protection.

Yes as long as you do not sell marijuana. Only approved dispensaries by the state are allowed to sell marijuana products. Illegal sales of marijuana is punishable by law. 

Yes, once again as long as it is not sold.

No, it is not legal to take any marijuana products, marijuana plants or marijuana cuttings across state and international lines. This is considered inter-state or inter-national drug trafficking and are punishable by the law.

No, unfortunately the medical marijuana card does not protect you from any type of drug screening, such as work place drug testing, government drug testing, or being tested by your primary care physician, but it may help.

Your driver’s license is sufficient to prove residency. You do not need to mail in your license – mailing a photocopy is sufficient.