Increase in CBD Usage in Fitness Fans

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A new survey of 1,004 American adults shows more people than ever are turning to CBD to boost both their motivation for working out and their performance.

CBD and Fitness

417 of the 1,004 respondents incorporated more CBD into their exercise regimens during the pandemic, and only 142 used less. 445 respondents said their CBD use had not changed.

About half of the users surveyed attested to taking CBD before and after their workouts, while one-third consumed during their workout.

Nearly three-quarters of surveyed users focused on CBD for recovery, using it mostly after their workouts. About 39 percent respondents mixed their CBD into a pre-workout supplement or drink while the other 61 percent consumed CBD separately.

Users who preferred products with higher THC levels generally felt that CBD played a helpful role in boosting their workout performance.

Cannabis use did result in the opposite effect for some users. 417 respondents at least once taking too much and lost their motivation to exercise.

More than a quarter of respondents said they smoked cannabis through a pipe. Joints, bongs and vapes were each preferred by just over 14 percent of respondents, while edibles nearly reached 12 percent. Lesser-preferred options included cannabis topicals and tinctures.

The survey found other significant workout habits between people who preferred THC versus CBD. Just over one-third of THC users preferred to run during their workouts, compared to less than one-quarter of CBD users. The latter group preferred to lift weights.

Outside of working out, over half of surveyed people used CBD to help with anxiety, another 44 percent imbibed to assist with depression and nearly 41 percent ingested to mitigate physical pain.

Written by Jesse Grillo of Jesse Grillo Marketing.  He can be contacted at 805.630.0143 or