CBG Black Currant Gum-Taurigum


CBG Black Currant Flavor Gum

Relax your mind and enjoy the day with CBG black currant flavor gum! This tantalizing berry flavored gum is packed with cannabigerol (CBG), which activates receptors in your body that help calm your mind, relax muscular tension, support a healthy immune system, and support overall wellness.

Each piece of black currant CBG gum contains 25mg of CBG isolate, perfect for a standard daily dose. We infuse the gum with the tart and juicy flavor of black currant for a supplement experience that’s both tasty and healthy.

Kosher, Vegan, and Drug-Test Safe

We use the best natural ingredients in our products for the best possible wellness benefits. You can enjoy delicious black currant flavor from all-natural sources and indulge in each piece of black currant CBG gum guilt-free.

We strive to make our products suitable for all diets. This gum is kosher certified and halal certified for your peace of mind, and it contains no THC. You won’t have to worry about any psychoactive effects or failing a drug test with Tauri-Gum products.

This product contains CBG, not CBD.