DOZO Don’t Trip Gummies


Expand Your Consciousness With Dozo’s Delectable Don’t Trip Mushroom Gummies. Unlike Other Mushroom Gummies, Dozo’s Unique Formulation Perfectly Masks The Mushroom Flavors Some People Dislike, and all The Ingredients They Use Are Natural, Vegan, & Gluten-Free! Each Tasty Bite Will Have You Tripping For Hours, And The Ingredients Are Good For You!

Have you been looking for an amanita product that hits a little faster?

These Dozo gummies will do the trick!

Each gummy is 500mg of amanita muscaria extract created with Dozo’s new nano-activated formula.

Available in a 5ct (2500mg) or 15ct (7500mg) resealable bag.

Mixed Fruit Flavor